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Swimming Lessons


All lessons are held at Bishops Stortford College pool.


Daytime Lessons are held in the small pool and after school lessons in both pools.

Anchor - Babies


4 months to 3 years


Adult and Child (accompanied)

We take babies from age 4 months onwards.

All classes are held in the small pool at Bishops Stortford College.

The lessons last for half an hour with a maximum of 12 per class with 2 teachers.

Please ensure babies wear aqua nappies in the pool. The pool is warm but parents may wish to purchase a baby wetsuit.

There is a changing area with baby changing tables, mats and a play pen. (We do ask that you take your nappies home with you as there are no facilities for disposal at the college)

You are guided on how to support your baby in the water with the help of a trained professional, providing the necessary expertise for a relaxed and safe environment ensuring an enjoyable session.

We concentrate on building water confidence through songs and play. The lessons are structured so each week we work on a different water skill e.g. blowing, kicking.

With the emphasis on making your baby feel at ease in the water, you can also take advantage of the many other benefits an active lifestyle will bring as a result of swimming; these include: improved co-ordination skills, advancement in social skills and marked improvement in eating and sleeping patterns.


We fully recommend that you take to the water with your child from an early age, not only to capture the memories that will last a lifetime, but also to allow your child the chance to embrace swimming as a skill when it feels emotionally and physically able.

Anchor - Preschool


3 years +

These classes are held in the small pool with an occasional visit to the main pool.

The lessons last for half an hour, with a maximum of 6 children in a class per teacher. This proves to be more effective in ensuring that progress is achieved with the pupils. It also gives a sense of comfort to the nervous ones who might be taking to the water for the first time. Whilst working in the water the teachers can communicate directly with the children and can demonstrate easily the practices that need to be mastered.

Informal learning and structured play is introduced until the child feels confident in the water. Flotation skills are developed along with body movements, rotation and blowing bubbles to encourage aquatic breathing and coordination skills.

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Anchor Afterschool

Rising 5's

after school 5 years +


These classes are held in both the main pool and the small pool.

The lessons last for half an hour. Classes have up to 8 children in a class per teacher with a pool helper in the water for stages 1 to 3.

We follow the Swim England Learn to Swim national teaching plan from stages 1 to 7.

Swim England Learn to Swim is an ‘all-inclusive programme’ which takes the non-swimmer from his or her first splash to developing confidence and competence in the water. Please see our Swim England page for a detailed parents guide.

Following a programme based on fun, safety and sport, the SE Level Two NVQ qualified team at Stortford Starfish build the strength, stamina and confidence of all those that take to the water.

Swimming is more than a sport, it is life saving skill that can enhance the lives of all those that embrace it.

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