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House Rules


  • Under no circumstances are cameras or video equipment to be used on the premises without express permission from the management.

  • Please take the time to read any notices we put up, as this is the easiest way for us to communicate with you.

  • If your children play in the viewing areas please tidy up after them before you leave.

  • Please use the bins provided

Swimming Lesson Bishops Stortford FAQ


  • Never swim a sick child, if in doubt contact us.

  • We ask parents to prevent their children from climbing, running or standing on the benches in the changing area and spectator area and to refrain from running on poolside, as these surfaces are slippery.

  • Children should only enter the pool once the instructor or lifeguard has told them to. Out of the pool your children are your responsibility, we are only insured to look after children while they are having a swimming lesson.

  • Please hold your child’s hand in the school grounds. We cannot be held responsible for any accidents that happen outside of the pool area.

Pool Safety

  • In the event of an emergency the person in charge will blow a single long blast on a whistle. All swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait quietly for further instructions.

  • Should it be necessary to clear the pool, when the instruction is given, all swimmers will move to the sides of the pool, leave the water and stand back from the side. Swimmers will remain standing at all times.

  • Should it be necessary to evacuate the building no attempt should be made to recover possessions from the changing rooms or anywhere else within the building.


Fire Drill

When the Fire Alarm sounds:

  1. Leave the building by the nearest exit or as instructed by a member of staff.

  2. Go to the Assembly point on the grass area at the front of the building.

  3. Do not collect personal belongings.

  4. Do not return to the building unless instructed by a member of staff.

  5. Children in the pool will be taken to the Assembly Point by their swimming instructor and reunited with their parent.

  6. Do not take risks.

  7. A roll call will be made by a member of staff.


  • We would be grateful if you could inform us of any long-term absences.

  • No refunds or credits will be given and missed lessons cannot be made up or carried over from a previous course.


  • Please refrain from giving instructions to your children while they are being taught, our staff find it extremely difficult to teach in this situation. It takes time to master swimming skills and technique.

  • Please allow your child to progress at its own rate. Much harm can be done when children consistently fall short of their parent’s expectations.

Health & Hygiene

  • For babies that are still in nappies please use 'aqua nappies'.

  • Children with long hair must tie their hair back or preferably wear swimming hats, which are available to buy from most sports shops locally.

  • Swimming goggles, including those with ophthalmic prescription lenses, may be worn at the wearers’ own risk.

  • Wearing goggles in swimming lessons may make your child feel comfortable in the pool while they are learning to swim and may help them develop their aquatic breathing skills as they learn to put their face in the water. Choose a pair that fit properly. Leaking goggles could affect the child and waste lesson time.

  • Jewellery can be a hazard and should not be worn during swimming. No oily body lotions are to be worn in the pool.

  • If your child has suffered an upset stomach, please allow 48 HOURS CLEAR before returning to lessons.  Please do not put others at risk of infection by returning early.

  • If your child contracts chicken pox please do not return to lessons until at least 2 weeks after the last sore has scabbed over.  If you return your child too early they will not be allowed to swim.

  • Asthma - please ensure your child has taken their inhaler prior to their swimming lesson.  Also please ensure that your child always has their reliever (blue) inhaler with them by the side of the pool.

  • If your child suffers from, or has recently had, an ear infection it is imperative that you keep us informed.

Changing Areas​


  • Prams and pushchairs can be left in the foyer, please make sure they are not obstructing any doors as they could pose a fire risk.

  • There is a maximum age limit of 8 years old, for a child to enter the changing rooms of the opposite sex. Any child of that age or older should use the correct changing facility or the middle changing room.

  • Shoes must be removed before going into the changing areas.

  • Food or drink is only to be consumed in the seating area, please do not eat in the changing rooms.

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