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  • What qualification does my child’s swimming instructor hold..?
    All instructors are Swim England qualified along with supporting CPD training and other aquatic discipline experience, such as diving or synchro. Also, a large majority of instructors come from a competitive swimming background and have themselves competed regionally and nationally in the sport.
  • How should I prepare my child for a lesson?  What do I need to bring..?
    It's great to let your children know what they will be doing as part of their swimming lesson. Tell them they will have a new teacher, tell them how much fun they will have learning a new sport, and why it is so important for them to learn to swim. Please arrive at the venue approximately 10-15 minutes before the class is due to start to give you time to find your bearings and get changed. For daytime classes the teachers will come and collect the children from the changing room just before the session is about to start. For after school class please wait until the lifeguard lets the children through to walk to their class. Don’t forget: - Swimming costume or tight fitting trunks - Towel - Swimming hat (for children with long hair) - Correctly fitted goggles (not compulsary) - No jewellery - No armbands – we provide alternative floatation devices Children shouldn’t swim on a full stomach; please don’t allow your child to eat anything substantial one hour before the session If your child is feeling sickly, unwell or has an upset stomach it is advised that they do not attend lessons
  • I'm looking for baby swimwear.  Do you have a swimwear shop..?
    As a Stortford Starfish swimming pupil we can pass on a 10% saving at leading online baby swimwear supplier Konfidence. As well as baby swimming essentials such as baby wetsuits, swim nappies and nappy changing mats, they offer a unique range of baby swimming toys and accessories to encourage your little ones to have fun in the water. Free standard UK delivery is available on all orders over £20.00. See our HOMEPAGE and click on the dedicated link.
  • For Parent and Baby sessions, do parents need to be able to swim..?"
    One parent per baby must be in the water. The parent in the water does not need to be able to swim as the water is shallow enough to stand up in and we can provide buoyancy aids for floating exercises. However, it is important that the parent in the water is not fearful or anxious in water as they can transmit these fears to the baby. Please note: both parents cannot be in the water at the same time. However, many parents alternate being in the water with their baby on a weekly basis.
  • Can my child swim if they are poorly..?
    If your child is feeling sickly, unwell or has an upset stomach it is not advised they attend lessons. If your child has suffered an upset stomach, please allow 48 HOURS CLEAR before returning to lessons. Please do not put others at risk of infection by returning early. ​​ If your child contracts chicken pox please do not return to lessons until at least 1 week after the last sore has scabbed over. If you return your child too early they will not be allowed to swim. ​​ Asthma - please ensure your child has taken their inhaler prior to their swimming lesson. Also please ensure that your child always has their reliever (blue) inhaler with them by the side of the pool. ​​ If your child suffers from, or has recently had, an ear infection it is imperative that you keep us informed.
  • Can I take photographs/videos of lessons to share with my friends and family..?
    Under no circumstances are cameras or video equipment to be used on the premises without express permission from the management.
  • Can children be left unattended..?
    No, parents or guardians of preschool and after school swimming pupils are required to stay on the premises at all times. The Bishops Stortford College Pool has a large viewing area ideal for watching your little ones progress in their lessons.
  • I want my child to start swimming lessons next term.  Do you have a waiting list..?
    Our lessons in Bishops Stortford are very popular and we try our best to support all requests for spaces; whilst keeping our class sizes small to ensure the high quality learning environment. Thse children that have attend our daytime lesson will be given priority for after school places. Use our Contact Us page to register your interest.
  • My child has a disability, can they still join..?"
    We aim to be an all-inclusive programme and do what we can to cater for everybody; it is important that we know about ALL medical conditions, no matter how small. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and possibility of joining one of our classes.
  • Are classes held during school holidays..?
    Stortford Starfish runs classes during school term time only. During some school holidays we run additional crash courses, for swimmers to work on key skills and strengthen their technique or as a starter for children taking in part in their first swimming lessons. Please use our Contact Us page to register your interest.
  • I want to put my child forward for a swimming club, are they good enough..?"
    Stortford Starfish are keen to assess our swimmers and see if they are ready to join a club. We have strong links with Bishops Stortford Swimming Club, so please express any interest in your child reaching club level swimming to their instructor. We can work with your child to get them to the necessary standard required, as well as arrange trial sessions at the club.
  • Is there parking at the College Pool..?
    Parking is limited within the College grounds, there are some spaces in Maze Green Road and by the junior school. Please allow time to park and walk to the pool building and please do not block any safety access points. For after school classes please try to lift share, have a swimming rota with friends or walk to the pool. Thank you for your cooperation.
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